Kookmin Best Insurance Company

Kookmin Best Insurance Company Selects Majesco CloudInsurer to Support Growth

The insurance company has adopted the CloudInsurer platform so that it may better innovate its products, keep track of emerging market opportunities, and develop the agility necessary to meet the needs of its customers.

KB Financial Team (Seoul), which has a U.S. subsidiary, has selected Majesco (Morristown, N.J.) CloudInsurer, which includes the Majesco Policy for P&C, Majesco Billing, and Majesco Claims systems, as well as the Majesco Enterprise Data Storage facility, to support the company’s growth strategies. We are able to introduce new products, seize on emerging market opportunities, and respond quickly to the varying needs of our customers, all thanks to the flexibility provided by the Majesco CloudInsurer platform. We hope our cooperation with Majesco will be fruitful and long-lasting.

Kookmin Best Insurance Company – Grabbing hold of market openings

KB Financial Group has the most customers and the most locations of any bank in Korea. Local businesses in major metropolitan regions including California, New Jersey, and New York can turn to KBICUS for insurance policy alternatives. According to a Majesco statement, KBICUS has grown thanks to increased promotion and marketing to the diverse multicultural community found in America’s major cities.

KBIC is a great addition to our client group, and we are thrilled to have them on board,” says Ed Ossie, COO of Majesco. Commercial lines of business with new, innovative products that are being requested by consumers and small business owners have only just begun to see growth opportunities. To help businesses like KBIC seize these market opportunities and meet their customers’ unique needs, Majesco has amassed extensive experience and expertise in this market sector, as well as analyzed market shifts. This information informs the company’s long-term capabilities and future roadmap for Majesco CloudInsurer.

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Core solutions such as Majesco Policy, Majesco Billing, and Majesco Claims are provided by Majesco CloudInsurer, an insurance policy software system. The Majesco P&C software profile is already built into the Majesco Venture data storage facility.

Will 2023 Be the Year of the Insurance Coverage Platform? if 2022 was the year of insurtech.

Insurance companies stand to gain from improved data and analytics access, simplification, and agility, while the platform provider stands to gain money and the ability to develop new types of service providing independently and with system partners.

KB Financial Group (SeoulAmerican )’s branch has chosen Majesco’s (Morristown, NJ) CloudInsurer suite, which includes Majesco Policy for P&C, Majesco Invoicing, and Majesco Claims, as well as Majesco Venture Information Stockroom, to underpin its future growth. Majesco CloudInsurer is a core insurance software platform that includes the Majesco Policy, Majesco Payment, and Majesco Claims products. According to the provider, “the preconfigured bureau content and Majesco Bureau and Material Update Solutions are designed to enable agility, fast product creation, and speed to market, enabling insurance businesses to introduce new products and get to new markets promptly and cost appropriately.” The Majesco P&C software suite already works with the Majesco Venture Information Warehouse.

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