10 Ways To Take Control of Your Smartphone

How To Control Smartphone
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How To Control Smartphone – Do you have control over your phone or is it under the your hands? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine. For instance, one minute you may use FaceTime to talk with your friends or discussing your favorite television series on Twitter. In the next, you’re in the TikTok “scroll hole” or hitting your 29th email alert of the day. You’re are unable to concentrate on any other thing.

It is often difficult to believe that we’re unable to remove ourselves from our screens. Many psychotherapists as well as Silicon Valley whistleblowers have stated it’s because of nature.

Many are trying to resist the urge to get away from their phones. A survey conducted by the research firm GWI discovered that all age groups restrict their time on social media, but they are particularly younger people. 25 percent of Gen Z as well as 23% of the generation Y stated that they use social media less frequently to maintain their psychological health.

As recent research has shown that, not every tech-related experience is made equally. A casual scroll through Facebook as well as comparing the details of your own life to others’ has never been an effective way to feel happy. However, actively engaging in Twitter to connect with friends is a good idea.
Instead of setting good-faith but ultimately unsustainable resolutions, or opting for some sort radical “digital detox”, think about changing the settings of your favorite apps to reduce their impact as an expense in time.

1. How To Control Twitter

People who speak muffled and subjects

It’s possible that some call it cancelling However, we prefer to call it “curation”. It’s possible to improve your experience on Twitter by turning off things you’d prefer not to be able to see, like food-related tips for a diet, Black Friday offers or spoilers from movies. It’s simple to do and then undo. For those who aren’t on Twitter, just tap the three dots in their profile and then hit “mute”.

You won’t be able to see their tweets, however they won’t even know. You can do the same with films, words, phrases, titles, or anything else. You can go to “settings”, find “privacy and safety” and select “mute and block” and then tap”+” “+” sign and add whatever you would like to block out.

2. WhatsApp

Remove read receipts for read

How To Control Smartphone – A message being sent and then “left on read” is an immense stressor for a lot of us. It’s the same with receiving a message that makes you feel like you must stop whatever you’re doing to respond immediately. The ability to disable read receipts will quickly alleviate these worries and anxieties. You can go to “settings”, then “account” then select “privacy” and toggle read receipts off. Then you’ll no longer see those blue ticks you’ve been avoiding and neither will the people you’ve contacted.

3. How To Control Facebook

Neutralise your news feed

It’s weakened democracy in the 21st century However, if you’re not able to accept going away, the next solution is to uninstall the Facebook application from your phone and switch to making Facebook an experience that is only available on desktops. In this way you will be able to cut down on the stream of innumerable political gimmicks and memes by installing a browser extension like “News Feed Eradicator” for Chrome that blocks the news feed and instead displays an inspirational quote instead.

4. Instagram

Hide your like count

Being a strong, confident person, you don’t have to worry about the number of “likes” your latest post receives, but you have a friend who is. What they can do: eliminate from the count of likes. On a blog post, press the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the post and choose “hide like count”. If you click on who’s liked a picture, you can view the number of people who have liked it. Want to take it a step more? You can hide other people’s like counts within “settings”, tap “privacy” and then select “posts”, and toggle “hide like and view counts” to turn it on. This will make Instagram appear less like a contest for popularity.

5. YouTube

Unblock the videos that are related to it.

How To Control Smartphone – Remove the YouTube app from your smartphone and make a commitment to watching only on your computer. After that, you can install an extension to your browser that gives you greater control. For instance, “Improve YouTube” is an extension for Chrome which comes with a plethora of features that can improve your video viewing experience, the most effective of which blocks sidebars like the “related videos” sidebar. This is a feature of YouTube can often take your precious time that you like because it can send you down a down a rabbit hole.

6. TikTok

Set an amount of time

How To Control Smartphone – TikTok may feel like a different dimension. It’s easy to believe you’ve spent 5 minutes looking at videos of dogs sporting caps, but then an hour has gone by. You can control your time spent watching by setting a limit in the app itself. Click on “settings”, “digital wellbeing” and then “screen-time management” to select an amount of time to limit your viewing time to 40 60, 90, or 120 minutes per day. Once your time has expired You’ll be required to enter a passcode in order to continue using TikTok that should give you the signal you’re required to do something else.

7. How To Control Smartphone – Notifications

Make sure you take a firm line

How often are you attracted by a brand new, and ultimately unimportant notifications that light the screen of your smartphone? In the majority of apps, they are activated by default. Take a moment to think about it: do really want to constantly targeted in your brain through a myriad of social media sites, old acquaintances and pizza delivery businesses? Most likely not. Decide which ones you truly require. Calendar reminders Yes. If you’ve never talked to for 20 years, but who had “liked” one of your photographs, not. A study from 2021 discovered that 89 percent of phone interruptions are due to the necessity to check your phone, not notifications. However, focusing on notifications can aid you in gaining control on your habit of checking your phone regularly Try to stay with it for at least several days. Stay strong.

8. Email

Check emails twice a day

How To Control Smartphone – There are a myriad of ways to get rid of the burden of your inbox From the zero-inbox method to incorporating colorful filters or folders. One simple new habit to adopt is to make sure to check your email only every once – or twice in the event that you need to check them daily. This is a productive tip that has been recommended for a long time by Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Work week. You’ll have to disable email notifications , and set an alarm that reminds you to check your emails. It’s easier to schedule emails. simpler, and will help you to divide replies so that your inbox doesn’t get overloaded within minutes. It is also possible to create an auto-reply that explains your method of sending emails and why recipients shouldn’t expect a quick response.

9. LinkedIn

Unfollow people who are annoying

How To Control Smartphone – An important feature of LinkedIn lets you unfollow people so that you don’t get their posts. Many people are aware of the feature exists, but they don’t make use of it enough. When someone brags about their recent job, Ted talk or number of Substack followers on LinkedIn think about not following them. It’s easier rather than unfriending or removing them. It’s also an excellent option for people whom you don’t want to offend – as they’ll not be aware that they’ve been removed from your network.

10. How To Control Smartphone – Messenger

Make yourself unavailable

You should get rid of this green dot which appears on your profile in Messenger to let everyone are online. It’s only useful for occasion however, the rest often, this green glowing badge is the equivalent to wearing the Post-it placed on your forehead, with “please talk to me” on it. Log onto Messenger and tap your profile, then select “active status” and toggle the option off.



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